Answering Top 3 Questions About Lip Piercings!


Lip piercings are incredibly popular, and people have numerous reasons to get one done. There is literally a dozen of placements for lip piercings, with labret, vertical labret, and philtrum being the top choices. If you are new to lip piercings, here are some quick facts to know.

  • What to wear after lip piercings? Both titanium and good for labret studs, and you will find a wide range of designs with most known piercing shops. That said, lips contain a lot of blood vessels and often tend to swell after the piercing, but healing will be easier when you wear a stud. If you want to wear something like a ring or even a basic hoop, just pick a size bigger, instead of something that clings to the lips.
  • Does it hurt? People have different thresholds for pain, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that lip piercing can hurt to an extent, but it is pretty much bearable. With body piercings, you have to be a tad more cautious with after aftercare, because you are going to eat and talk, which may hurt the lips. However, the good news is your body unlikely to reject a lip piercing.

  • How quickly will it heal? Be realistic and expect a time frame of around three to six months for a lip piercing to heal entirely, depending on how your body reacts to the procedure. Since lips are constantly in use as we talk and eat, the healing can be time-consuming. The internal healing takes the most time, and it is best to follow the aftercare instructions as suggested by your piercing expert. If you have a strong immune system, it wouldn’t take as long.

Other things to know

Select a good, known clinic for your lip piercing, and make sure that you have discussed all the basic aspects. Go for a good metal like gold, or even titanium, like we suggested earlier, and ensure that you follow the instructions. Aftercare for lip piercings must continue for at least three months, and if you want to change your stud, wait for a while. Keep in mind that you want to heal the piercing first before taking any further steps on changing the jewelry.

Done right by a professional, lip piercings look incredible beautiful and stunning, and don’t shy away from asking questions when it comes to aftercare, because that’s very important.

Mackson Makhi
the authorMackson Makhi