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When it comes to skin maintenance then we all have different skin issues which need different products according to different skin type. At Boots you can find a wide range of various skin care products that are design for all types of skin and caters almost all the skin problems. You should not worry about the quality of product as they deliver the best ad dermatologically tested products to you. You can enjoy some discount through Boots promo code KSA and free delivery on the orders above 149 SAR.

Boots Cucumber Facial Wash

In this summer you should use a cooler facial wash and that’s why Boots has launched its cucumber facial wash as cucumber will penetrates its cooling agents into your skin making you to feel cool and relax. On the other hand the vitamins present will clean your skin from other impurities so you can have a clear skin. For more visible results you can use cucumber facial scrub and moisturising lotion with this product. Before the checkout process just enters the Boots promo code KSA and enjoys exciting discounts.

Botanics Organic facial Oil

It has been prepared with the extracts of rosehip which is rich in essential fatty acids and nourishing omegas so it will result in a nourished, healthy skin. When you feel that your skin is looking itchy and dry then apply couple of drops of it after cleansing and enjoy a healthier and glorious look. Make your day by saving a big amount by using Boots promo code KSA.

Incecto Divine Shine Coconut Hair Oil

The pure organic coconut oil will infuse into your hairs making it look super glossy and the smell will be the gorgeous one. Take out a pea-sized amount to towel, apply it on dried or wet hair and style your hairs as you want. You can enjoy the same day delivery facility if you are living in Jeddah.  You can enjoy up to 40% off on all beauty products at Boots. The Boots promo code KSA can grant you some more savings.

Boots Active Charcoal Pollution Purification Sheet Mask

What to do when we have to expose our skin to the pollutants and sun each and every day due to our working routine? No need to rub your skin frequently for removing dirt particles. Check out this charcoal sheet mask which will help in drawing out the skin impurities and make your skin hydrated and healthy. Enjoy the given discount on the product and search for Boots promo code KSA if you want to save some more SARs.

Botanics All Bright Biodegradable Cleansing Face Wipes- 25 Wipes

It is a handy solution while traveling from one workplace to other and they can also be used when you are covering a long distance from your workplace to home in public transport.  The natural hibiscus extracts will leave your skin clean, radiant and refreshed at the same time. As they are biodegradable items so biodegrade them in water, soil or home compost but never flush them away.

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